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Another great app!

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I would be the first to admit that I am a bit of a geek – I love my iPhone and all of it’s apps. The Apple adverts suggesting that ‘there is an app for that’ are in reality quite correct!

coming over the channel

I have financial apps (two), mileage apps, weather apps (lots of those – at least 3) plus various social networking apps and of course my WordPress Blogging app! My iPhone now truly is what I would class as a PDA – I run my life on it.

One of my more recent purchases is ‘plane finder‘ – I saw it on a friends iPhone and thought it was great. It plots aircraft movements across the world in real time, so if a plane flies over me I can tell you what it is, where it is going and even where it has been in the last week. Yes, that is a bit sad – but fun!

on approach to Gatwick

Yes, it is basically a gimic app (unless you are a plane spotter – and I am definately not!). But I recently found a ‘practical’ use for it, I watched my sons flight from Vienna to Gatwick in real time! I had all of his flight details so entered them into it and it found him (once he was airborne, it doesn’t appear to pick up flights as they take off or as they land).

I was able to follow his flight exactly as he headed back across Europe right up until the point he was on approach to Gatwick.

Ok, so it’s still a bit sad, and no my wife just doesn’t get it – but I do love this app!