Barcelona first impressions

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Barcelona is a city I have been wanting to visit for a long time, the main attraction if I am honest is Gaudi, an architect like no other!

Well, today we have arrived in the city and I have had my first small taste of Gaudi. It is a Sunday so most of the city is closed (apart from the bars) and as we started our day at 4am we have not been too adventurous yet!


Our apartment is only a couple of streets from the Sagrada Familia though, so as part of our ‘familiarisation’ walk we have been past it. It does not disappoint – in fact, in the flesh it is far more impressive than I expected. My impression from photos was that the architecture was quite poorly defined and more like poured concrete. How wrong I was! The stonework on the facades is quite stunning in it’s nature, and in true Gaudi style an amazing collection of curves and shapes. Apparently work is quicker now due to the use of computer run cutters for the more difficult shapes, but progress is painfully slow (despite spending €1,000,000 a month on the project.

It is quite frankly stunning – and as it is now getting closer to completion (2030?) the main towers are topped off in colourful features. I am blown away by it and will be spending some considerable time around and in it taking photos!

The photo above is a quick snap on my iPhone, but it does give some idea of the quality of the workmanship.

It is said to be one of the wonders of the modern world, and I believe it may well be!