Telephone banking!

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I have been absent from my blog for a few days – to be honest I have been rather busy and something had to give! I am away on holiday soon so have been clearing my desk as much as I can.

As a part of this I always contact my bank and credit card providers to let them know I am out of the UK – the idea being to ensure my card doesn’t get blocked when I use it abroad! Doing this on the Barclaycard site is easy – no need to talk to anyone and it updates the system with a few button presses on the phone – top marks to Barclaycard.

But my bank are a different story!

Firstly ringing phone banking is a long-winded thing – to be fair I don’t use it for this reason (I do most of my banking on-line), and I am aware that there needs to be security, but it takes so many key pad presses to reach the section you want – in my case to actually speak to someone!

That’s when the fun begins though! If you recall I was only ringing to confirm that I was going out of the country for a few days. As I see it I am helping the bank by keeping them up to date. However having shared this information with my ‘phone buddy’ he tells me that is fine – but it won’t necessarily stop your card being blocked – just phone us if it does get blocked!

Err, that’s what I am doing?

That was just the start though – ‘phone buddy’ then decided I needed to have a quick appraisal of my accounts and the benefits I could get if I wanted them (at extra cost obviously).

Firstly – ” had I sorted my travel insurance?” Err, thanks for asking but yes!

“Well you could have that if you wanted on an ‘xyz’ account for free.”

Actually for a monthly fee and no thanks!

Secondly – “you can get more interest on your savings you know?”

Well thanks but not today!

Thirdly – ” I note you don’t have a credit card with us”

At this stage I was tempted to suggest that was because my current card provider didn’t ask stupid questions (but I was good and stayed polite) – no thanks happy with Barclaycard!

There were other attempted sells as well – if I had wanted to have a financial review I would have asked for it – my expected 30 second call took around 10 minutes. And this from the bank that got into big trouble for its poor selling of insurance a few years ago (perhaps they need the money to feed the horse?)!

Come on guys! All I want is to use the phone to update the bank, obviously you aren’t very interested in me unless you can sell to me – back to internet banking and the little sub branch on Derby Road in Nottingham that knows my name)!


Customer care…AGAIN!

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Without doubt I am getting old and grumpy – the onset has been slow but sure. If I am honest I make no apology for it – we are far too accommodating in this country over poor service. We really should learn to complain about bad service and complement good.

How about spending the money on customers rather than adverts........

My latest ‘spat’ relates to Barclaycard, I have like most people had a Visa card for years. I have been lucky in that I have not had to contact them much in that time, I manage it on-line and always clear it at the end of the month – as you should!

However yesterday I discovered that my card appeared to have been cloned, I had hired a car in Rome earlier in the week and unfortunately it was not by my hand! So, obviously feeling somewhat worried as to what else might have been purchased with the card I phoned Visa. The initial response was good, the call was answer fairly swiftly and my concerns were noted and I was asked to hold while I was put through to the fraud department.

It was at this point that it all went down hill!

Now I would expect fraud to be something that was considered to be important to Visa, but I had to hold for 20 minutes before my call was answered! I also received no apology for the delay, the report was dealt with efficiently, but come on – twenty minutes!

All I can assume is that fraud is very prevalent at Barclaycard – perhaps it’s time to find a better credit card?