It’s official – we have had a poor summer!

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I really look forwards to my summer sun – but am increasingly needing to leave the UK to get it! OK we had a scorching Easter – but that isn’t officially the Summer (and I was in Paris anyway). Our Summers do appear to be going the way of our weather generally – into unknown territory!

A British Summer day

And it appears that I am correct, according to the Met Office, this year has been the coolest summer in 20 years!

Summer 2011 has actually been the coolest one we’ve had in some parts of England in two decades. The Met Office data, based on the Central England Temperature Record, reveals the mean temperature this year to be 13.63C (56.53F), similar to that of 1993 when we faced average temperatures of 13.39C. The provisional figures have been collected from the 1st June to the 29th August and so far last summer was on average 1C hotter at 14.65C (58.37F).

The Met Office Report also shows it has been wetter than last year but considerably drier than 2007, 2008 and 2009. This summer we had 267.7mm of rainfall, compared to 243.8mm in 2010 and 323mm in 2009. Heavy rainfall in Scotland earlier in August resulted in saturated ground and localised flooding particularly in Aberdeen.

Other findings released for August show that the UK received 126% of the normal monthly rainfall this year (full statistics for the summer are available on the Met Office website from yesterday).

The met office say that the amount of sunshine in August this year was three-quarters of what one normally expect. However it is not all bad news as the figures show that generally summers in the UK appear to be getting hotter – the bad news is that so are Winter, Spring and Autumn. No doubt the sceptics will say it’s not global warming, I am not so sure!