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Now that is real customer service!

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Recently as a family we spent a few days in London. This involved eating out a few times which is all part of the ‘London experience’. On the basis that I am currently trying (and managing) to lose some weight we went for a known quantity in terms of restaurants – Nando’s. They have excellent dietary information on their website which enabled me to eat within my daily allowance – all good so far!

After ordering the food the payment unfortunately all went ‘pear shaped’, the visa terminal was having none of it and kept kicking out my transaction. So after numerous failed attempts the manager was called and then finally it appeared one successful transaction was made and the manager was happy.

Just incase the transaction had hit my account more than once the manager gave me his card and asked me to let him know in which case he would credit the difference back. A nice touch that I was impressed with.

Roll forward a week and checking the account at home the transaction had indeed been duplicated, time to ring the manager! A quick call was met with lots of apologies and a promise that my money would be debited to my account shortly or I could drop into the restaurant to sort it. After realising I was in Nottingham and he was in London we agreed to a BAC’s transfer and all was arranged – or I thought it was!

Then a few days later the manager phoned me out of the blue to say he had spoken to his accounts department and it was a nightmare to set up the transfer because of their accounts system – so he was going to transfer the money from his personal account! He assured me he could and would claim it back from the restaurant, but what a great act of service to the customer – Nando’s will certainly be on our list of restaurants in the future!

The managers name? Gabor Gombkoto.

The branch of Nando’s? Kings Cross.

Would I get the same level of service outside London – say in Nottingham? I would love to think so, but probably not! London is so much more cosmopolitan than other UK cities. There are so many restaurants that customer care has to be great. Plus it was a non-British manager, my experience is that on the continent they know how to treat the customer!