Trinity House

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This week I was lucky enough to have a brief tour of the new EON building – Trinity House – that sits at the corner of Trinity Square in the heart of Nottingham. Now this is the largest office building to be built new in the city for a number of years – the pre-let to EON ensured that it would happen.

The building is quite impressive inside, having a central full height atrium with glass lifts serving all 9 floors, it is also the greenest building in the city – holding a BREEAM excellent rating and an ‘A’ rating for its EPC. As an environment for its just over 1000 occupants it will be modern and comfortable. However, as a building it doesn’t really push any ‘boundaries’ for me.

Due to the fact that EON are tenants in the building and they don’t own it, the structure is actually quite ‘normal’. One might have expected there to be a raft of renewable elements, but in reality there is next to nothing – no PV’s, no water harvesting, and only a very small element of green roof. It is connected to the district heating scheme, which helps its cause, but that is really it for renewable energy.

Now, I am sure that if EON had more control over the building spec they might have added some renewables, but I do think this is a lost opportunity for the City. As a part of the street scene I think it looks well – it doesn’t ‘over power’ the surrounding buildings – something the architects should be proud of.

Yes, it is a green building, and it has managed this using existing technologies – which is impressive, but in my view it doesn’t push the envelope at all.

So that’s why electricity costs are increasing!

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I have had my run-in’s over the last few years with the utility providers – in particular with British Gas, it’s a long and torrid tale of failures to change my meter on numerous occasions – despite lots of contact and arranging ‘special’ appointments because they had failed me so many times – if you are bored you can read about it here.

Tonight I have come home to find a ‘we missed you’ meter reading card on the matt – not an unusual occurence as all meter readers only appear to work during the day – not unreasonable. This is why we ring or email through our reading to Eon (on their request). They did this recently (a couple of weeks ago) and we responded accordingly. We have also received an updated bill on the strength of our reading!

So how come they can’t update their meter readers schedules (especially as they appear to use electronic devices now to report each reading in real time).?

Well I have a theory – Eon are obviously trying singlehandedly to keep the unemployment figures down by paying for meter reading people they don’t really need. But it’s OK because they are funding it through the increases in their tariff.

Thanks Eon, way to go!