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Are the Post Office serious?

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I am not one of our Post Offices fans, their service has become increasingly poor in my view. The days of your post being on your door mat first thing in the morning ended years ago. For the last decade the service has become very ‘second class’ in quality.

20120327-221814.jpgWhether this was due to unhappy staff, or poor management is now rather irrelevant – the announcement that first class postage is to increase to 60p (and even second class to 50p) is the beginning of the end for our once great post office.

Perhaps I don’t get it, but I was under the impression that it was only sensible to increase prices when your product is in demand? Not when you are in a shrinking market! With the increasing use of email and document exchanges via the cloud the Post Office are in no position to charge more!

I am sure at work the use of electronic documents will increase because of this – and hand deliveries in town will be even more common.

RIP the Post Office.