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Nothing in life is totally free…..

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It is an old adage – there is no such thing as a free lunch – and sadly it is true, especially in this day and age….

A classic example is Nottingham City Councils current ‘free parking’ deal – on the face of it a great offer (and I have used it). Basically on street parking has been free on Wednesday’s after 4pm and all day Sunday since the 18th of November, Christmas Day and Boxing Day will also be free all day.


But, there is a tiny catch which I only caught up with last week. I always pay for my on street parking in Nottingham via the Ringo App on my iPhone – it is very good as you can get a text reminder 10 minutes before your parking expires (and a proper receipt which is good for work). However last Wednesday I discovered that the free parking is only available if you ‘pay’ via the Ringo App – if you only have cash or card you can’t register for the free space.

Now call me cynical but this does look to me to be a sneaky way to get more people paying via their smart phones and thereby reducing the cost to the City Council in collect cash or paying credit card fees?

So on one hand it’s ‘thanks Nottingham City Council’, but on the other as I say – there is no such thing as a free lunch (especially if you don’t have a smart phone)