Hand of God

A special Sunday!

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Once in a while you get one of those rare days when there are a number of events that will make it particularly ‘special’. This Sunday is one of those days.

A future awaiting us?

Firstly it is Sam’s birthday, not any old birthday, but his 13th. Today we get a male teenager in the family to add to the current female one. I have not as yet noticed any ‘Harry Enfield like’ changes to him – but no doubt that will come!

It doesn’t seem like 13 years since he came into the world, but I am beginning to feel old!

Also in the afternoon we have the World cup game against Germany. Even my wife, who to say the least is not a footy fan, is totally up for this game, amazing what effect a game against ‘the old enemy’ has on us.

It has set me thinking though – I am fully aware that as a team England, will always make things as hard as possible for themselves – the recent qualification for the last 16 being a case in point!

We can all hope!

It’s an old adage, but we do seem to perform best when things are against us, we don’t like to make it easy! So perhaps this is England’s year after all? And one where we can get back against the ‘old enemy’?

If we get past Germany we potentially have Argentina in the next round – who can forget the ‘hand of God’ incident. It would be especially sweet if we could beat them this time as well – especially as Maradona is managing them this time (what does he look like)!

From there on in I think the theory is we would meet Spain, but lets just concentrate on getting a few old skeletons removed from the locker room first!

Also on Sunday we have the European Grand Prix, I love GP’s (not something I would have said a few seasons ago), there is a good level of excitement now and the British boys are doing well! unfortunately it clashes with the football, which will be the one we watch live this time!

Finally, Top Gear is back in the evening! What a way to round off the day (hopefully!)

So, a good day all round I hope!