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iPod – can it really be 10 years!

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This is a big year for Apple – for good and bad reasons. The bad being the loss of Steve Jobs, but perhaps the birth of the iPod 10 years ago yesterday was the start of Apples renaissance and the reason that Steve Jobs was such an industry giant.

Nano 1st generation - my favourite

We take for granted the ability to listen to music on the move now – and yes Apple did not invent the MP3 player – but they drove it into the market with increasingly ‘sexy’ designs which were easy to use.

The first iPods in our family were Minis – not very small by current standards, but wonderful and colourful units in their day. They belonged to our kids, my first iPod was the first Nano.

The Nano was so thin and had a shiny back – and it snapped in half if you sat on it! Mine is still intact and a thing of Beauty – still the best looking in my view!

We have now moved on, iPod Touch is the favoured unit in our household together with iPhones – but the current Nano which can be worn as a watch looks amazing. How long before this can become a phone as well?

The rumour mill suggests that Apple are close to killing off the ‘classic’ iPod. I do hope they don’t this year, partly out of respect to its founder, but also because it would be a loss to the design world as a whole!