New date for the end of the World!

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The evangelical broadcaster Harold Camping who left followers in disarray by his failed prediction that last Saturday would be Judgement Day says he miscalculated!

Apparently he said it had “dawned” on him that God would spare humanity “hell on Earth for five months” and the apocalypse would happen on 21st October 2011 – so put the date in your diary!

Mr Camping also said he feels “terrible” about his mistake. But he said he could not give financial advice to those who spent their life savings in the belief the end was nigh.

Mr Camping had predicted that on 21 May, true believers would be swept up to heaven while a giant earthquake would bring destruction for those (of us) left behind.

Mr Camping had not been seen since Saturday until he appeared on his Open Forum radio show, broadcast from Oakland, he said that when his prediction had failed to materialise he felt so terrible that he took refuge in a motel with his wife.

This just goes to show how dangerous the prediction business is – one cannot be too definite unless you are correct.

This is a well-known fact to fans of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe. In this book when the computer that is to give the answer to the ultimate question about ‘life, the Universe and everything’ provides the answer ’42’ rather than some deep meaningful answer, the prophets realise that this is not such a disaster as they are on the gravy train for life discussing what 42 actually means!

Surviving GCSE’s

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Finally! The Dare household is free of the curse of the GCSE’s, Star has finished today, and now all we have to worry about is the Prom (and results later in the summer of course)!

I had forgotten the joy of exams, the last ‘proper’ exams I did were my degree finals over 25 years ago. I recall them taking over my life for about 4 months and feeling as if I had nothing to do once I finished them (luckily swiftly sorted by getting a job). More recently I had a day of exams to qualify as an Energy Assessor, not a pleasant reminder either!

The GCSE experience has however been all-encompassing, revision has been a very ‘hands on’ experience for us all. My wife has provided the major support mechanism (thank you!) and this she has found very time-consuming. However, she does think she could get some good GCSE’s herself now though!

I am now looking forward to a quiet ‘normal’ home existence. Yes there will without doubt be the occasional teenage outburst, and arguments. But, in real terms normality will have returned and we can function again as a family unit.

The Prom dress is currently being completed – luckily my wife is a very capable dress-maker! It would appear that we now have a satisfactory product,  the shoes I gather are being purchased this week, hopefully at a discount price – probably highly unlikely!

Star has worked incredibly hard for her exams, hopefully the pain  will have been worth it for her. We can only hope that she gets the results she hopes for and deserves.

Results day is now only 9 weeks away, this will add the next element of excitement to family life. Plus its only two years to go to the A levels and then the year after Sam starts his GCSE year ………

definitely beginning to feel old (but very proud)!