Michael Fish

The British and the weather

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It seems apt that as we are enjoying some particularily warm weather that the British Weather forecast has just celebrated its 150th birthday!

I am sure they used to get it right!

On 1 August 1861 the Times newspaper published the first ever weather forecast. The forecast was put together by Admiral Robert FitzRoy, who led the meteorological department in the Board of Trade which was later renamed the Met Office. History does not tell us whether the forecast was accurate or not!

I suppose it is because of our changeable climate that we Brits have such an obsession with the weather, I have numerous weather apps on my iPhone  – most of which give conflicting reports! But they are probably the most used apps on my phone!

My experience of the Met Office is that if anything they appear less able to forecast accurately now than they could 20 years ago (assuming you discount the Michael Fish ‘no hurricane’ debacle!). My wife has a theory that they just look out of the window in the morning to amend their forecast – and I think she may be right!

Dare I say it –  is this a sign of our climate changing?