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The World Cup ‘effect’

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I could not describe myself as a football fan, I show a passing interest in Nottingham Forest and Swindon (my local team when I was growing up). Both this season have almost managed to go up a division, not sure if there is a theme developing here!

The World Cup is on another level though, I love the fact that there is so much great football on TV over the month it runs (my wife wouldn’t agree though!). It also brings out a level of mischief in people, I was sent this link this morning which is rather irreverent, but very funny!

As the tournament progresses I do hope that England do well, but what ever happens lets enjoy the lift it gives to the country in terms of a feel good factor (for it surely does).

The Dutch Bank ING have recently undertaken a survey to gauge the effect the World Cup could have on the Dutch economy and to take a view of its effect world-wide also – its findings are quite interesting.

The general concept that the further a national side progresses in the competition the more it benefits that countries economy would appear to be bourne out by the report. Positive results on the field are reflected in increased consumer spending and confidence. A more positive attitude is seen in the workplace and commerce generally.

Of perhaps more interest is the view of football taken by other countries of the World. The Brazilians are most confident about their chances of winning the tournament with over 75% expecting the cup to return to Brazil. A career in football is also seen as a positive move for children far more here than in any other country surveyed (South American Countries were at the top of this section of the survey). In all countries being a footballer was seen as being more desirable than being a movie star or Prime Minister!

Expenditure on ‘fan gear’ is expected to be highest in Spain (27 Euros per head) with England and France at around 15 Euros per head.

Who knows if we do really well it may even help us further out of our current financial woes?