Phone banking

Telephone banking!

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I have been absent from my blog for a few days – to be honest I have been rather busy and something had to give! I am away on holiday soon so have been clearing my desk as much as I can.

As a part of this I always contact my bank and credit card providers to let them know I am out of the UK – the idea being to ensure my card doesn’t get blocked when I use it abroad! Doing this on the Barclaycard site is easy – no need to talk to anyone and it updates the system with a few button presses on the phone – top marks to Barclaycard.

But my bank are a different story!

Firstly ringing phone banking is a long-winded thing – to be fair I don’t use it for this reason (I do most of my banking on-line), and I am aware that there needs to be security, but it takes so many key pad presses to reach the section you want – in my case to actually speak to someone!

That’s when the fun begins though! If you recall I was only ringing to confirm that I was going out of the country for a few days. As I see it I am helping the bank by keeping them up to date. However having shared this information with my ‘phone buddy’ he tells me that is fine – but it won’t necessarily stop your card being blocked – just phone us if it does get blocked!

Err, that’s what I am doing?

That was just the start though – ‘phone buddy’ then decided I needed to have a quick appraisal of my accounts and the benefits I could get if I wanted them (at extra cost obviously).

Firstly – ” had I sorted my travel insurance?” Err, thanks for asking but yes!

“Well you could have that if you wanted on an ‘xyz’ account for free.”

Actually for a monthly fee and no thanks!

Secondly – “you can get more interest on your savings you know?”

Well thanks but not today!

Thirdly – ” I note you don’t have a credit card with us”

At this stage I was tempted to suggest that was because my current card provider didn’t ask stupid questions (but I was good and stayed polite) – no thanks happy with Barclaycard!

There were other attempted sells as well – if I had wanted to have a financial review I would have asked for it – my expected 30 second call took around 10 minutes. And this from the bank that got into big trouble for its poor selling of insurance a few years ago (perhaps they need the money to feed the horse?)!

Come on guys! All I want is to use the phone to update the bank, obviously you aren’t very interested in me unless you can sell to me – back to internet banking and the little sub branch on Derby Road in Nottingham that knows my name)!