Holiday iPod jinx?

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I am not one normally to believe in the jinx scenario, but today I suffered an issue with an iPod that related directly to leaving for holiday – just like last year!

Today we got almost a mile from home on the way to the airport when Sam’s iPod touch asked to be connected to iTunes – it had been working fine the previous evening. Being close to home we returned and reinstalled everything on it, almost an hours work.

Bizarrely last year my wife’s iPod lost everything in it’s memory on the first day of the holiday – we were on the plane (I was not popular as it was my fault apparently).

My question is – why does this only happen on the first day of our summer holiday?

Is it a clever marketing ploy by Apple? If an iPod breaks when holidays beckon then do you just buy a new one?

If so, how the hell does Steve Jobs know I am going on my summer holiday?

Big brother is watching!