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A Good World Cup?

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I am not the best person to comment on the World Cup, or football as a whole. It is not something that I have a great interest or if I am honest respect for. This World Cup has not really helped me with this view either!  

FIFA had I believe made a very brave move in giving the World Cup to South Africa to run, I think they have actually done them proud and the event appears to have run extremely well. Yes there have been a few empty seats, the majority it would appear due to a lack of corporate entertainment being taken up. I do however feel that the tournament has been let down by the very people who should care about it most – the players and FIFA.  

The attitude of some players and the way they behave is I believe a very poor example to the kids who will have watched the tournament to see their heroes. The list is large;  

Close to home, the England players attitude to the fans quite frankly stank. I was appalled when they did not even acknowledge the fans at the end of the game against Germany when they got knocked out of the tournament.  

Rooneys comment at the end of the Algeria game was also unforgivable.  

Half the England squad also did not sing the National Anthem (unlike all other teams) – and yes boys you are playing for your country, not for or similar!  

Funny - I thought the Goalkeeper was in yellow?


The worst I saw though was Uruguay, the blatant hand ball to stop Ghana going through – appalling professionalism!  

This is also before we consider the performance of FIFA!  

Sepp Blatter the boss of FIFA has today said he is happy with the way the World Cup has gone. He is pleased we have all survived the vuvuzelas, but has nothing to say about goal line cameras or any of the other poor football comments!  

Lets hope the final is one to remember for the right reasons.  

Come on FIFA, lead by example and get your game in order. Otherwise you will lose your fans and then your fabulous wealth – actually, perhaps that is what is needed……….