The Beautiful Game?

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I cannot claim to be a football fan, I don’t follow a team or go regularly to watch football, so perhaps my comments here don’t count? I am one of the cynics who believes that there is too much money in the sport, the players are over paid and most importantly view playing for their country more as a job – than an honour.

Colleagues at work are always telling me that this is the ‘beautiful’ game, the one to watch to see magical things done with a football. I agree that when you see top class players at their peak it is wonderful, for that reason I will sit and watch many of the World Cup matches – because they are likely to be ‘special’.

However last night was probably the worst game England have played in years (not my words – the TV pundits). I will always bore my colleagues at work with my un-educated view that the players are over paid and don’t have that ‘fire in their belly’ they need to win. Well un-educated or not I think I was proved right last night!

After the first England game my daughter asked me why did all the other teams sing along to their national anthem and look proud, but England didn’t? My answer – I don’t know, but you would have thought they would be proud to be there wouldn’t you?


Last night they really did not look as if they cared, plus Rooney’s comment at the end of the match;

“Nice to see your own fans booing you, that’s what loyal support is”.

was perhaps not the best thing to say in the circumstances!

However, at least it shows he cares – albeit possibly more about his poor performance than the result? Rooney was still trending this morning on Twitter – and most of the comments are negative towards Rooney and the team. Possibly well earn’t, if you put yourself on a pedestal you can expect to get knocked off once in a while. The multi million pound salaries don’t come for free.

The players are seen by our kids as role models, sometimes I don’t think they realise this, or take it seriously. It’s time to stand up and be counted boys!

So, lick your wounds and come out on Wednesday as if you mean it!

England always do it the hard way, so we shouldn’t be surprised, they will get through…….

UPDATE 19.06.10

Wayne Rooney has apologised to his fans – good man! He said the following;

“I said things in the heat of the moment out of frustration of our performance and the result,”
“For my part I apologise for any offence caused by my actions.”

Let’s hope this is the start of the ‘New England’ for Wednesday’s game!