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The end of an era!

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the last launch is due...

As a child born in the 1960’s I watched the space race develop from the Americans landing on the moon (I was only 7 but remember it) to the collaboration between the US and USSR in the Soyuz/Apollo program on Skylab and then the International Space station.  However once the Saturn Five stopped being launched at the end of the Apollo missions it was all about the Space Shuttle for me.

The Shuttle has obviously had its issues, and some very bad moments, but the sight of it launching has always been something I loved watching. I almost made it to a launch back in 2001, I had managed to obtain tickets from NASA (you could apply on-line) and was due to visit Florida – but then various events prevented the trip and so I did not see the launch.

A subsequent trip was within a few weeks of a launch – again so close……

Now however I will have to add this to my “failures” on my wish list (it also includes a flight on Concorde) as the last flight is due to launch today (although the weather may stop it).

Just in the nick of time Apple have managed to get the iPhone approved for flight (they have made some minor modifications – all wireless communication has been disabled and the battery has been removed. Instead, an external battery pack already certified for use in space will be used. The two units will be used to run some experiments.

So an iPhone 4 will be on the last flight – I am jealous……