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Taking technology for granted.

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I am a lover of all things tech – there I have admitted it – but mainly due to the way that it helps enrich our lives. I also love the purity of some designs – apple being a case in point. I come from a generation that has seen an amazing amount of change and I sometimes think that our kids just take it all for granted!

20120901-145505.jpgI was at a clients last week (who deal in fruit of the electrical kind) and we got talking about the current NASA mission to Mars, this was partly on the back of the picture of the late Neil Armstrong on their wall. We all agreed that it was frankly amazing that it was possible to view ‘live’ pictures and video from Mars via the NASA app on the iPad. Bare in mind that we are dealing with people from the ‘Apollo’ era here, so we are easily impressed anyway – but come on – live high definition images from half way out of our solar system! That has got to be pretty amazing hasn’t it?

I seem to recall that as a child I was totally in awe of the moon landings and everything that went with them, and i am sure that it was that which helped spark my love of all things techy.The younger generation however just seem to accept it as ‘normal’ and get on with their lives. When we used to go away on family holidays, contact with friends and families at home ceased for two weeks – nowadays kids keep in touch via Skype and Facebook – their normal lives just carry on where ever they are.

Probably a sign that they are totally at ease with things, but aren’t they missing some of the magic?