Barcelona – a great city

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Our week in Barcelona is at an end, Spain was a total unknown to us when we decided to come here – so how has it compared to Italy our previous holiday location of choice?

Well to be fair, pretty well! Barcelona is a great city to spend a week in, there is lots to see and the food and shopping (for the ladies) is excellent. Something for everyone probably describes it best.

I loved the Gaudi and other similar architecture, Sagrada Familia was for me an amazing experience and has made my week. But Barcelona is so much more; The people are really friendly and helpful, the Metro system is fabulous. It is spotlessly clean (like the city), and there is a phone signal throughout the system – will London ever achieve this? The carriages are also air-conditioned – pure bliss on a hot day.

The cable cars to the castle and the views from there across the city are spectacular, as is the view from Parc Guell.

I have loved the Tapas – a great way to eat, so sociable and relaxed. A real discovery was the Vegan restaurant, the food was amazing (and no I am not a vegi).

The kids loved the ‘one off’ shops – like Happy Pills, and wandering through the old parts of the city. The late lunch also works well with teenage kids who don’t want to get up early in the morning!

Any downsides? No not really, although I just don’t ‘get’ the Ramblas, it’s too busy and totally touristy – perhaps I am just getting old!

So all in all a very good week, a thoroughly recommended city.

We are off to a villa on the coast for the remainder of our break, we have a pool but may not have wireless internet, so there may be a short break on blogs (or at best they will be sporadic) until we return to the UK. Some enforced R&R which can’t be a bad thing!

Tapas – Vegan style

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Yesterday we found what can only be described as a very individual eating establishment – a vegan restaurant in the Arabic area of Barcelona. What grabbed our attention was the rather colourful decor to the Walls and ceiling!

Using the old adage ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ we decided to give it a go. There was a variety of food on offer but we decided to go for the tapas – all vegetarian and as it turned out all very good.

I am not (and never will be) a vegetarian, but I am not adverse to some good vegetarian food – and this was excellent.

Juicy Jones is highly recommended if you fancy a bit of an ‘off beat’ lunch in Barcelona – and the clientele are quite interesting as well!