Cool new toy!

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When I go away on holiday I like to take photos, I have to balance taking decent shots with keeping the rest of the family happy at being asked to stop regularly so I can take a picture. Consequently I tend to travel light – these days I use an Olympus E-P1 plus a couple of lenses. This allows everything to fit in a small gadget bag, but is still capable of taking good quality images.

One of my problems however has been taking a tripod – I purchased a light weight on a few years ago that lives in my car and is small enough not to be a problem most of the time. But if like recently we are travelling by train (Eurostar) to Paris then size and weight of luggage is a big issue – and my tripod is one item too far!

I have tried things like Gorilla Pods but don’t really get on with them – although they are undeniably clever, and the mini tripods are just too flimsy in my view. A bean bag is another option, but not one I have used to date.

However, just around the corner from us this holiday was a large (and it turned out the oldest) photographic shop in Paris – I felt I had to inspect it!

It was a truly lovely shop – catering mainly for the more professional end of the market but also keeping ‘high end’ amateur stuff. A quick inspection of the Manfrotto department produced the item in the photo – a brilliant little tripod made from metal and solid as can be – a purchase was made and now my minimal travel kit has a basic camera support – result!