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More ‘joy’ with the Royal Mail

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Any one who follows my blog will be aware of the ‘pleasures’ I have been enjoying recently due to a lack of service from the Royal Mail, I have now come to the conclusion that the package that so nearly made it to me is lost (the manager at the sorting office as good as confirmed it to me).

20130826-171226.jpgI am now in the process of trying to get some form of compensation from the Royal Mail and have spoken to their customer services (complaints) department to progress this. To be fair the man I spoke to was very good at his job (plenty of practice?) and handled me like a pro – however his basic line was that it was the sending companies issue….

What I wasn’t 100% clear on until last week was exactly what the parcel they lost was, however a few emails have confirmed that it was an item forwarded to me from New York by the lady we rented an apartment from in the city a few weeks ago. So I have a receipt of postage and know what the parcel contained.

But, and this is what is really annoying me – because the parcel was sent through the United States Postal Service (USPC) as far as our wonderful Royal Mail are concerned I should make my claim against the USPC – not the Royal Mail who actually lost it! Apparently it is all part of an agreement between postal services across the World. In my view it is wrong – the parcel travels 5000 miles, gets to my letter box but is then lost somewhere in the 3 mile triangle between my house, Beeston and Nottingham – sorry but I can’t see that as the United States Postal Services fault!!

I am going to take this as far as it can go until I get an apology and compensation from the Royal Mail – watch this space……..

The good….. and the (very) bad

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It never ceases to amaze me how a visit to a foreign land can allow you to judge what you have (or don’t) in the way of services at home. My recent visit to the USA has provided one such moment of enlightenment…

20130818-093812.jpgWhile in Florida we needed to use the United States Postal Service – on the face of it a much less ‘obvious’ service to the one we have in the UK (split between Royal Mail and Post Office) – but a service covering the entire 50 States of America. Finding a post office wasn’t as easy as it is in the UK – they tend to be larger and fewer in number and designed for vehicle access. But, once inside we couldn’t have found them more helpful or polite. My son was looking to send some things to California with a self addressed envelope for their return back to the UK.

This wouldn’t be that straight forward to achieve in a UK post office, but for a foreigner in a US post office it was very daunting to say the least. The counter staff were however unbelievably helpful, and patient. We also had to fill in a customs form and they helped with that as well. While this was going on the queue in the post office was building, but no one had a problem – least of all the staff.

Contrast this with my recent Royal Mail and Post Office experiences in the UK;

1. Posting a package to my brother from the local post office. The staff were almost totally silent, the task was achieved swiftly, but with almost no eye contact or comment! – I felt as if I was ‘in the way’.

2. Collecting a package from the sorting office at Incinerator Road in Nottingham (with a ‘you were out’ card that had been left at my house 3 days before) – guess what – it wasn’t there, despite the card saying wait 24 hours. The staff informed me that this ‘wasn’t unusual’, but that the system was due to be changed which would make it ‘better’.

It is now 7 days since the card was left and the package still hasn’t appeared (although I have visited numerous times and they do have my number….) – I get the feeling the staff aren’t concerned – or is it that they don’t care? Consequently I now have no faith in the UK mail system – something that I find very sad for what was once a central part of the fabric of British society – but is now more of a joke.

What ever happened to customer care and service from the Royal Mail – can they really expect people to invest in them if they are privatised? Perhaps the US Postal Service could take them over and teach them a few basic lessons in customer care……