Vinyl makes a comeback!

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Those of us ‘of a certain age’ will remember the age of ‘real records’ or vinyl as it is now more commonly known. We were used to the top 40 being decided by real single sales – not downloads – and we also used to listen to entire albums as they were intended to be – not just the odd track!

Well now vinyl is set to make a ‘comeback’ – only on the radio, and only for one day. Where?

BBC Radio 6 Music has announced it will be playing only vinyl on New Year’s Day – to round off a month-long celebration of vinyl. Most radio stations (including the BBC) phased out vinyl in favour of CDs in the 1990s and the majority now use digital versions of songs.

However as vinyl is making a minor comeback at the moment Radio 6 Music have decided to give it a spin again and consequently presenters Jarvis Cocker and Guy Garvey will be among those dusting off their turntables.

In a statement the BBC said:

“In a world dominated by digital music, vinyl is a format still close to the hearts of many music lovers and increased sales demonstrate its enduring appeal.”

True – but sadly this will be a one-off and not a chance for vinyl to stage a major comeback. The kids of today probably just wouldn’t get it anyway!


My favourite store in Paris

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When ever we come to Paris I have to visit one particular store – it’s one we used to have in the UK, but no longer do. It’s also a dying breed of shop in Britain due to our love of Internet shopping.

The store in question? Virgin Megastore.


When I was a student in the 80’s Nottingham had a number of great record shops – Selectadisc was a Mecca for all students. I spent many happy hours each week going through the music racks of albums (remember those?).

Somehow HMV just doesn’t do it for me these days. But the Virgin Megastore in Paris is vast, has a huge library of music in both CD and vinyl and it’s just a great place to be!

They also have live music fairly regularly – something to applaud in any music shop and sadly lacking in the UK.

Next time you are in Paris have a look, you won’t be disappointed!